iGreen Smart Eyewear

Thema Optical - 22/02/2021 10:09
Latest Update: 22/02/2021

iGreen Smart Eyewear

Expertise in eyewear design and manufacturing combined with the most advanced technology on the market: iGreen smart Eyewear looks like ordinary glasses but is so much more.

Unisex pantos model for an elegant, vintage-inspired style. It is available in three colours, in two different size to increase the possibility of finding the perfect fit for your face.

iGreen Smart Eyewear frames are made from extremely high quality cellulose acetate.


Listen to music, and make and receive phone calls:

    • Thanks to its directional stereo earphones, you hear the sound clearly, without disturbing those around you;

    • innovative and precise microphone so your voice comes through more clearly with no interference from outside noise;


With no need for earphones, your ears are free and there is no sound isolation, so you can hear ambient noise and interact with the outside world. This means you can listen to music and make calls in complete safety.

PRIVACY: you can listen to music without others knowing. You are “just” wearing a pair of glasses.

Easy to use, thanks to the latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting the iGreen Smart Eyewear to digital devices. The connection is extremely stable, allowing you to transmit voice commands with maximum precision and make long phone calls, and is automatically established immediately after switching on. The Bluetooth signal range is reliable up to 9 metres.

iGreen Smart Eyewear includes lenses with a Blue Light filter, to protect your eyes from the annoying blue light of bright PC, tablet, and smartphone screens. You will have natural, comfortable vision without any visual fatigue, and you can add corrective lenses at any time you need to.

All the controls are easy and intuitive and located on the terminal, which has been specially treated to be water resistant.

High-capacity lithium-ion battery for frequent use and magnetic charging connector;

    • recharging time: 2 hours;

    • battery life: 160 hours in stand-by; 6 consecutive hours of phone calls and 4 hours of continuous listening to music.