Have your Bespoke Frame with V.E.A.

Thema Optical - 03/12/2019 16:21
Latest Update: 03/12/2019

Have your Bespoke Frame with V.E.A.

V.E.A. , Virtual Eyewear Assistant, a software by Thema Optical, is now on with a new B2B version (in Italy only at Greenvision stores), this latest version is also B2C: with an application you can use your device and choose your bespoke frame while relaxing at home, and go to the closest optician to complete the order.

Everyone has his personal style and every year new models are on the market, usually you have to choose between a selection made by someone else, you have to try some frames and settle for a compromise between what fits you best and what you like most.

With V.E.A. by Thema Optical you choose the model to put into production!

V.E.A., your Virtual Eyewear Assistant, using a device with a 3d camera, creates an accurate 3d scan of your face and shows on the screen the frames that best matches your biometrical measurements, allowing you to choose a frame perfect for you.

You can also have a biometric one: your totally bespoke frame.

The B2C version is available on the App Store (only for devices with a 3d camera): relax and choose your shape, design it with your favorite colors while spending time with some friends that can give you an advice!

Sit Back and take your time to make a perfect choice, at home nobody can stress you!

After choosing the frame and the colors, if you want you can personalize it with a name, with your initials or with numbers; when the frame is ready VEA app generate a QR code, essential to complete the order.

Go to the closest store and the optician, scanning the QR code, will complete the order and the payment, the glasses will be ready in 5/7 days!

The Perfect Frame by Thema Optical.