The First V.E.A. Store in Torino Now Open

Thema Optical - 19/04/2019 12:06
Latest Update: 19/04/2019

The First V.E.A. Store in Torino Now Open

After all the interest attracted by the V.E.A. Store model presented at MIDO Eyewear Show 2019, the first real V.E.A. Store has opened its doors in Torino. The new store has a boutique concept where the frames are produced based on the biometric characteristics of the customers.


The store, in partnership with OTTICA VISTA 2000, is equipped with the Virtual Eyewear Assistant technology developed by Thema Optical. This technology allows the boutique to offer a unique and innovate experience: with a 3D camera mounted in a smart tablet, the software takes a quick scan of the customer’s face and creates a 3D virtual image that mirrors reality.

With this virtual image, the technology can try on all the frame models available on the customer’s face to simulate different looks until it finds the ideal shape and size for the customer. After the selection, the frame will be produced immediately in-store and ready to wear in a few days.


Many doctors specialized in ophthalmology attended the inauguration of the V.E.A. Store. Two representatives from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Vice Rector of Didactics Sebastian Foti and associate professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department Giuliana Mattiazzo, expressed interest in the quality of the production and the frames.