VEE meets V.E.A.

Thema Optical - 29/03/2019 07:45
Latest Update: 29/03/2019

 VEE meets V.E.A.

Another successful experience for Thema - A Family Factory at Vision Expo East 2019 held in New York. In this year’s show, the Thema USA team surpassed all expectations by presenting innovative products such as the new iGreen and O-Six Spring Collections Made In USA and the exciting new technology V.E.A. Virtual Eyewear Assistant that captured the attention of all attendees as the new “it trend” moves towards personalized eyewear.

The V.E.A. technology developed by Thema is a software that serves as a personal shopper assisting customers with the creation of unique, biometric frames. The result is a product that is not only unique in shape and color, but also a perfect fit.

The first partner that will collaborate with Thema in the USA and use the V.E.A. technology in their store is Edward Beiner, founder and CVO for Edward Beiner Eyewear, this year’s winner of the OPTImum Retailer Award announced during the expo in New York. More partnerships will be finalized this year, including a location in Boston, MA to be revealed in April 2019.

Another successful launch that attracted the public’s attention at the expo was the new “EYEWOW” app, also developed by Thema. This new app uses AR technology to allow for virtual try-on of all frames within the Thema collections. In addition to being able to see how various models with different shapes and colors would look, the appeal of the app is in its easy-to-use software and fun interaction with the user. It also allows the user to share screenshots of their favorite looks with friends and family on social media. “EYEWOW” is now available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.